About us

about us

MicroAstro is a registered trademark in the EU that strives to develop and commercialize high tech products for the amateur astronomical community. The microAstro "project" is the synergy of several partners that together have more than a decade in expertise on the fields of Robotics, Embedded Systems, Computer Science , Astronautics and Astronomy.

what we do

We design, implement and can help with advice and components to build your observatory. From simple observation decks, sliding roofs observatories to professional large diameter domes. Whether you are an individual, an association, amateur or professional, we can help you with your project.

Operational Excellence

We're confident in the quality of the technology that we offer, whether developed by us or provided by our partners/suppliers, and the work that we put into getting them ready for you to use it, so much that we offer you a comprehensive coverage guarantee.. 

Team of Experts

Together with our collaborators and suppliers, we have gathered a number of experts in different areas that cover the entire range of needs of those who want to build or advice for their observatory, from optical equipment to remote control system 


We are available to solve our customers' problems and questions with online support on our forum/blog, and over the phone.  Please see the Contacts link below.